Wellington-based singer-songwriter, Madie is an upcoming passionate indie-soul musician. Raised in Ohakune, Madie's love for music and performing began at a young age, through local theatre and the tight knit creative community she was brought up in. The turning point was in her early teens when her grandfather passed his guitar down to her. From there the self-taught musician has performed in a variety of competitions, shows, community and charity events. Along the way gaining special mention from former 'Split Enz' member Mike Chunn for her songwriting abilities. Her down-to-earth personality is balanced out by her relatable lyrics and paired with a powerful voice that is far beyond her years, she is capable of evoking emotion on her entire audience, sending out Adele, Amy Winehouse vibes.   



Currently, in the last year of her Commercial Music degree at Massey, Madie is also working on her debut EP. 'THE MODERN MIND' is a four-track soul EP, with a major focus on mental health and the different aspects of it. “There is this huge stigma around mental health, especially in New Zealand where we think things are better left unsaid and it’s when those things are left unsaid or not dealt with properly that lead to the most unfortunate endings, I myself have known far too many people who have been victims of this. I want my EP and me writing about my own mental health experiences to help break the stigma and encourage people to speak out about it, because it is a healthy thing to do.” 50% of all streaming royalties will be going to the New Zealand Mental Health Foundation to raise money for an important cause. This EP features the talent of Wellington artists such as Keith Aaron, Moana Leota, Hunter Davison and Rupert McRae and is set to be available on streaming platforms in a couple of months.